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New issue: Transcience - A Journal of Global Studies

Transcience - A Journal of Global Studies

The new issue of the Journal is now online.

All articles can be downloaded from the Transcience Website for free.


Eve Darian-Smith and Philip McCarty:
Beyond Interdisciplinarity: Developing a Global Transdisciplinary Framework

In this essay the authors argue that the Euro-American academy is entering a new integrative paradigm that is moving scholarly practice beyond the disciplinary/ interdisciplinary divide. Combining interdisciplinary approaches with perspectives from the new field of Global Studies, they argue that what is emerging is a coherent, accessible and inclusive paradigm that we call a global transdisciplinary framework.


Arani Basu:
Understanding Media-Politics-Economy-Society Interrelationship in India: Relevance of Habermas and Chomsky

This paper argues that Indian media is in close relationship with the politics and the economy of the country, especially after the new economic policies were adopted by the then government in 1990 that opened the Indian market for foreign investments.


Digambar Ghodke:
Revisiting the mother tongues of the De-Notified tribes in India

The present article is an attempt to perceive the mother tongues (MTs) spoken by various groups from the de-notified tribes (DNTs) in India, the itinerant groups of people who have always been looked down upon by sedentary communities for their unsettled and deviating life style.


Sisay Alemayehu and Dejene Teshome:
The Status of Cultural Competence at a Health Care Service Setting in South West Ethiopia: The Case of Jimma University Specialized Hospital

This study intends to examine the status of cultural competence at Jimma University Specialized Hospital. The study suggests that national and organization level policies should be in place to integrate cultural competence into health care services.