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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Kultur-, Sozial- und Bildungswissenschaftliche Fakultät - Institut für Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften

02.06. Digitales Afrikalinguistisches Kolloquium: Grammatical sketch of ǂHuan (Taa) (Auer)

"A grammatical sketch of ǂHuan (Taa)" - Vortrag von Daniel Auer (HU Berlin, Master Project) im Rahmen des Digitalen Afrikalinguistischen Kolloquiums
Wann 02.06.2020 von 16:15 bis 17:45 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200) iCal
Wo via Zoom

Taa (formerly known as !Xoon) is the last vital language of the Tuu family with 2000-4000 speakers in eastern Namibia and southwestern Botswana. The talk will present my master project “A grammatical sketch of ǂHuan (Taa)” dealing with the southernmost Taa dialect (cf. Naumann 2014), located in southcentral Botswana, east of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and north of the border with South Africa. The data utilized was collected by the DoBeS project in 2009, 2011 and 2013 in the villages of Inalegolo and Kokhotsha. The audio material will be transcribed with Praat and subsequently analyzed in FLEx. My thesis aims to provide a grammatical sketch of ǂHuan and by doing so to add to a better understanding of Taa. The talk itself will give general information about Taa and ǂHuan as well as some initial findings.

Naumann, Christfried. 2014. Towards a genealogical classification of Taa dialects. In Tom Güldemann and Anne-Maria Fehn (eds.), Beyond 'Khoisan': Historical relations in the Kalahari Basin, 281-300. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Amsterdam: John Benjamins.


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