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15.02. Afrikalinguistisches Kolloquium: Number systems in Katlaic (Nüsslein)

“A comparison of number systems in the Katlaic family” - Vortrag von Ulrike Nüsslein (HU Berlin) im Rahmen des (digitalen) Afrikalinguistischen Kolloquiums
  • Wann 15.02.2022 von 16:15 bis 17:45
  • Wo Institut für Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften, Invalidenstr. 118, Raum 410 & Zoom-Übertragung
  • Name des Kontakts Christfried Naumann (christfried.naumann (AT), bitte kontaktieren bzgl. Zugangsinformationen per Zoom)
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In this talk, I will undertake a comparison of the number marking patterns of the three languages of the Katlaic family, Katla, Tima and Julut, spoken in the Nuba Mountains of the Sudan. In order to compare the number systems, I use a fixed wordlist searching for as many cognate terms as possible in all three languages. The 102 identified cognate items are divided into 6 groups according to morphophonological properties. I will discuss their formal and semantic-functional characteristics and give a summary for the entire family. The ultimate goal of my research is to reconstruct a likely Katlaic proto-system and outline the historical dynamics leading to the number marking in the three modern languages.