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21.06. Social Media and the 21st Century Literary Imagination: Gastvortrag von Dr. Ainehi Edoro-Glines

  • Wann 21.06.2022 von 18:15 bis 19:45
  • Wo IAAW, Invalidenstr. 118, 4. Etage, Raum 410
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  • Telefon des Kontakts 030 2093-66022
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The Guest Lecture is entitled

Social Media and the 21st Century Literary Imagination


Prof. Dr. Ainehi Edoro-Glines (University of Madison-Wisconsin)


Social media has led to unprecedented changes in the way we understand the world. In penetrating every sphere of life, it is shifting the grounds on what counts as reality. Yet literary scholars struggle to account for what this new epistemological context means for literary study. The lecture looks at the ways in which social media challenges our archives, traditions, and conventions, but also opens up the possibility for inventing new literary concepts.

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