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26.04. Afrikalinguistisches Kolloquium: Katlaic number marking systems (Nüsslein)

„Emergence or loss in Katlaic number marking systems?” - Vortrag von Ulrike Nüsslein (HU Berlin) im Rahmen des (digitalen) Afrikalinguistischen Kolloquiums
  • Wann 26.04.2022 von 16:15 bis 17:45
  • Wo Institut für Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften, Invalidenstr. 118, Raum 410 & Zoom-Übertragung
  • Name des Kontakts Christfried Naumann (christfried.naumann (AT), bitte kontaktieren bzgl. Zugangsinformationen per Zoom)
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In this talk, I will explore the question of why the number marking systems of the Katlaic languages are so different. The three languages, Katla, Tima and Julut, are spoken in the Nuba Mountains of the Sudan. The central question is whether the different number systems are the result of partial loss of an earlier proto-system or of separate emergence. By using comparative language data I argue for the hypothesis that the modern number marking systems are separate innovations. The establishment of a number marking system is most advanced in Tima while Julut is still at the beginning of such a process. Finally, I want to show that an assumed Proto-Katlaic language did not have a number marking system at all.