Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of Asian and African Studies



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    (Book manuscript currently under review).
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  • African Studies Association, [Virtual] November 2020
    Chair, “Language Policy in Kenya: Multilingualism as Both Problem and    Solution”
  • History of Science Society, [Postponed to November 2021]Moderator and Presenter, “The Creativity of Clerkship”
  • African Studies Association, Boston, MA, November 2019
    Chair and Presenter: “Synchronicity and Divergence: The Multiple Timelines of Standard Swahili”
  • History of Science Society, Utrecht, Netherlands, July 2019
    Moderator and Presenter: “Participation and Demand: Swahili and the Work of the Inter-Territorial Language Committee”
  • 19th Annual Africa Conference at the University of Texas at Austin, March 2019 Presenter on Panel: “Personal Narratives and Questions of Identity in Africa and its Diaspora”
  • “History and Politics of Belonging in African Indian Ocean Societies,” Martin-Luther University, Halle, Germany, June 2018
  • “Belonging Nowhere and Everywhere at Once: Agnes Sapuli and the       Cosmopolitanism of the Universities' Mission”
  • African Studies Association, Chicago, IL, November 2017
    Chair and Presenter: “The Story of Agnes Sapuli: Biography and African Intellectual History”
  • African Literature Association, Yale University, June 2017
    “In the Pages of Msimulizi: Tracing a Swahili Literary Magazine and Network of the Late-Nineteenth Century”
  • African Studies Association, Washington, D.C., December 2016
    “Enthusiasm Among Bibis: Gender, Religion, and Race in Nineteenth Century Zanzibar”
  • African Studies Centre, Leiden University, September 2016
    “Binding Words: Student Biographical Narratives and Religious Conversion”
  • Yale University InterAsia Initiative, Yale University, February 2016
    “Binding Words: Student Conversion Narratives and the Establishment of the Zanzibar Protectorate”
  • African Studies Association, San Diego, CA, November 2015
    “Msimulizi and the Everyday Narration of Community in Eastern Africa, 1888-1896”
  • African Studies Association, Indianapolis, IN, November 2014“'Am I Not Baptised?': Violence, Re-naming and the Students of the Universities' Mission in Nineteenth-Century Zanzibar”