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Forthcoming. Old Age in African Literary and Cultural Contexts. Ed.  Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


ARTICLES and Review Articles

2018. “A Critical Analysis of the Role of Aberewa (Old Woman) in Bill Marshall’s Asana” in Co-edited volume with Elisabeth Reitinger & Ulrike Vedder. Alter und Geschlecht: Soziale Verhältnisse und Kulturelle Repräsentationen., VS Verlag.

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In print as conference proceeding, “Theatre and Representation: A Critical Understanding of Gender from an Intercultural Perspective”

Forthcoming in Matatu as conference proceeding, “Patronage or Negotiation? An Exploration of the Performances of the Boomerang and Pamela's Journal”

Forthcoming as book chapter, “Transgressing" Wisdom and Elderhood in Times of War? The Shifting Identity of the Elderly Queen in the Performance of Women of Owu” in Under Construction. Performing Critical Identity. Ed. Anne Kohl.

Forthcoming as book chapter, “Introduction: Old Age in African literature and African Sociocultural Contexts” in Old Age in African Literary and Cultural Contexts. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Forthcoming as book chapter, “Ageism is Still ‘Another Form of Bigotry’: Physical Presentation of the Elderly Body in Anowa and The Gods are Not to Blame” in Old Age in African Literary and Cultural Contexts. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

,Forthcoming as book chapter, “Interrogating Respect towards the Elderly during an Applied Theatre Workshop at Agyati in Bafut, Cameroon” in Old Age in African Literary and Cultural Contexts. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Contributions in IAAW Newsletter

With Susanne Gehrmann “KOSMOS Workshop “Crossings & Comparisons in African Literary and Cultural Studies” October 8-11, 2018” Newsletter Issue #4

“Review of a 2017 workshop on “Labour and Leisure in Artistic Production and Performance” Newsletter Issue #1 (Juli 2017)