Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of Asian and African Studies

22.06. Colloquium on African linguistics: Khoekhoe clause types (Job)

  • When Jun 22, 2021 from 04:15 to 05:45
  • Where via Zoom
  • iCal

Khoekhoe(gowab) exhibits highly flexible clause structures. Interestingly, the highest attested flexibility of the Khoekhoe clausal structure emanates from data that is largely based on elicitation and grammaticality judgment of speakers (see, i.a. Hahn 2013; Haacke 1980, 1992; Kusmer 2020). This leads to several important questions, including primarily the following: Is the flexibility of the Khoekhoe clause also attested in natural discourse data? If so, what is the distribution of the different clause types? Are certain structures more frequent than others and can we motivate such different frequencies? These will be some of the issues of the talk, in line with Apel et al (2015) who convincingly argue for the importance of including natural discourse data in the study of language. This talk primarily aims to report on an analysis of data from a natural corpus of Khoekhoegowab. It will give an overview of the hitherto known Khoekhoe clause types and their corpus distribution as well as report on structures that are not mentioned in the literature.

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Haacke, Wilfrid. 1992. Dislocated noun phrases in Khoekhoe (Nama/Damara): further evidence for the sentential hypothesis. Afrikanistische Arbeitspapiere, 29, 149-162.


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