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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of Asian and African Studies



There is no formal PhD course of African Studies, but doctoral candidates are free to participate in all courses offered at the Seminar. Credits are awarded only for attendance of such courses only if stipulated in the requirements of the students‘ respective mother discipline. Such requirements normally apply to students who have migrated from another discipline (Seiteneinsteiger).

As a general rule, candidates are required to present their work at the Doctoral Candidates‘ Colloquium, a fixture run by the Seminar, within one semester. The colloquium serves as a platform to discuss work in progress.

For general information contact the office of promovation affairs (Frau Estermann). For an individual and technical consultation, you can contact the FachstudienberaterInnen of African Seminar.


For further information on obtaining a Ph.D. visit the Website of the Institute or the Website for Doctoral Studies at the Faculty


Completed Ph.D.


African Linguistics and Languages

Viktoria Apel
Information structure in Fula-Serer: A detailed study of Pular in comparison with its relatives

Peggy Jakob
Information structure in Sara-Bagirmi: A comparative approach to the synchronic state and diachronic development in the expression of information structure, with special attention to predicate-centered focus types



African History

De Roo, Bastiaan (Universität Gent)
Colonial taxation in Africa. A fiscal history of the Congo through the lens of customs (1886-1914)

African Literatures and Cultures

Anja Schwarz
Janheinz Jahn (1918-1973) als Vermittler afrikanischer Literaturen und Kulturen (in Deutschland)

Priscillia Manjoh
Representations and Renegotiations of the Nation in Anglophone Cameroonian Writing
(Nol Alembong, Université de Yaoundé I)

African Linguistics and Languages

Nadine Grimm  
Cognitive concepts in Bakola

Lee Pratchett
Dialect diversity in south-eastern Ju varieties: a documentation of ǂX’ao-ǁ’aen

Paul Starzmann
Interne und externe Sprachbeziehungen der zentralkenianischen Bantusprachen



African History


Regina Finsterhölzl
Werbung und Marktforschung in Ghana, 1930-1970

Daniel Tödt
Diskurs und Lebenswelt der afrikanischen Elite


African Literatures and Cultures


Swantje Buddensiek
Formen von Heimsuchung in ausgewählter südafrikanischer Literatur

Hilmar Heister
The Sympathetic Imagination in the Novels of J.M. Coetzee. Empathy and Mirror Neurons in Literature



African Literatures and Cultures


Lotte Arndt
Chantiers du devenir en des espaces contraints.Négociations postcoloniales dans les revues culturelles parisiennes portant sur l’Afrique (1947 à 2012) als Co-tutelle mit Université Paris 7 Diderot

Emilie Notard (Gender Studies)
Traversée des sens et trajectoire féministe dans l’oeuvre de Nicole Brossard de 1977 à 2007