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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of Asian and African Studies

Network Members







MONIA CHIES (Humboldt University, Berlin)


ANDREAS GRUSCHKE (Sichuan University, Chengdu)

  • Fields of Interest: Cultural monuments in eastern Tibet and their socio-political context; cultural change in nomadic areas; cultural security and social development; sustainable development in rural areas
  • Current projects: Conjuncture of acceptance and non-acceptance on state resettlement projects in rural areas
  • E-Mail to Andreas Gruschke


NYINGBO-GYAL (Niangwujia) (University of Oslo, Qinghai Nationalities University, Xining)

  • Fields of Interest: Tibetan cultural and political issues in the context of PRC, ‘popular’ rituals and their changes, issues on current Buddhist phenomena (vegetarianism, self-immolations, etc)the transformation of Yul-lha cults, lha-pa “trance medium”, the roles of yul lha cults among the Nyingmapa and Bonpo communities, religious authority in Rebgong
  • Current projects:  a local deity cult in Rebgong, Amdo: rituals to Amye Taglung and religious authority in Shetri, Gyalbo.(PhD thesis)
  • E-Mail to Nyingbo-Gyal



  • Fields of Interest: Religious, economic and political anthropology; Sufism in Northwest China, Xidaotang brotherhood; Muslim-Tibetan relations in Amdo (past and present); Xidaotang trade activities in Gansu and Qinghai (past and present); study of local autonomous powers
  • Current projects: 'Politics and the Divine: an Ethnography of the Xidaotang, a New Path of Chinese Islam (Gansu region, 1890-2012)'
  • E-Mail to Marie-Paule Hille


BIANCA HORLEMANN (Humboldt University, Berlin)

  • Fields of Interest: History of Sino-Tibetan relations in Amdo (with a special focus on 11th/12th century Tsong kha), Golog history, Muslim-Tibetan relations, history of the Christian missionary enterprise in Amdo    
  • Current projects: Western and Chinese travel reports on Amdo; Muslim warlords in 20th century Amdo
  • E-Mail to Dr. Bianca Horlemann


TONI HUBER (Humboldt University, Berlin)


LILIAN ISELIN (University of Bern)

  • Fields of Interest: Pastoral societies of Tibet: Amdo (Sichuan); mobilities of pastoralists; social and spatial transformations; development and infrastructure, technology and society
  • Current projects: Mobile Technologies and Nomadic Space: Modernization, Motorization and Transformations of space and place in Pastoralist Amdo of Tibet (PhD, working title)
  • E-Mail to Lilian Iselin


REINIER LANGELAAR (Humboldt University, Berlin)


LIN LUSHAN (Sichuan University, Chengdu)    

  • Fields of Interest: Land use and environment; resource distribution and capability; indigenous knowledge of environment     
  • Current projects: Climate Change and Tibetan Nomad Resettlement: A Case Study of Eco-migration Project in the San Jiang Yuan (the Three River Headwaters region, Qinghai) (PhD thesis)     
  • E-Mail to Lin Lushan


QIE MAOCUO (Humboldt University, Berlin)


JARMILA PTACKOVA (Oriental Institute of the ASCR, Prague)    

  • Fields of Interest: Impact of Chinese development policy on pastoral areas in Amdo. Inter-ethnic and intercultural relation in the Amdo area and the Sino-Tibetan frontier 
  • Current projects: Rule and Authority along the Sino-Tibetan Frontier - The Kokonor Region from 14th to 17th Century 
  • E-Mail to Jarmila Ptackova


VALENTINA PUNZI (L'Orientale University, Naples and Minzu University, Beijing)

  • Fields of Interest:Contested spaces, local powers, nomads' spatial ethno-taxonomy, toponomastics, belief narratives, territorial gods, post-1958 oral history and collective memory
  • Current projects: The Three Brothers of Amye Drakar. Sacralized landscape and local identities in Southeastern Amdo. (PhD thesis)
  • E-Mail to Valentina Punzi


MONA SCHREMPF ( independent researcher, affiliated with ZAS, IAAW, HU )

  • Fields of Interest: social transformations, Tibetan medicine, transmission and learning, ecology of medicinal herbs, ritual healing, Tibetan women's reproductive health, tourism and social change, Bon communities, religious and ethnic revival 
  • Current projects: Transnational Tibetan Medicine – Formulation Regimes, Therapeutic Networks and Styles of Practice between China and Europe (writing up monograph)  The Cult of Ama Jomo (Bhutan/Arunachal Pradesh; new project)
  • E-Mail to Dr. Mona Schrempf




RAHEL TSERING (Humboldt University, Berlin)

  • Fields of Interest: Labrang, mountain cults, village life and festivals, health and family
  • Current projects: Master thesis about the labtse ritual of the Amnye Brag dmar in Fudi village
  • E-Mail to Rahel Tsering


ADRIAN ZENZ  (European School of Culture and Theology, Korntal) 

  • Fields of interest: China’s ethnic policy, minority education, employment prospects, government recruitment and securitization in all Tibetan regions in China, as well as Xinjiang 
  • Current projects: Security-related public recruitment in Tibetan regions and Xinjiang, and the state's securitization response after the 2008 and 2009 riots as well as subsequent incidents of unrest in those regions 
  • E-Mail to Adrian Zenz


HUADAN ZHAXI (Humboldt University, Berlin)