Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of Asian and African Studies



Arima, Masami Adjunct Language Instructor (Japanese)

Bengsch, Charlotte  

Lecturer in Chinese

Borchert, Jutta,

Lecturer in Japanese

Brochlos, Astrid, Dr. 

Director of the Japanese Library

Eaton, Sarah, Prof. Dr. 

Transregional China Studies

Fuchs, Daniel, Dr.

Research Associate

Huber, Juliette, Dr.  

Research Associate, DFG

Klöter, Henning, Prof. Dr.

Professor of Modern Chinese Languages and Literatures

Kondo, Takako

Adjunct Language Instructor (Japanese)

Lang, Simone, M.A.


Lin, Chin-hui, Dr. 

Lecturer in Chinese

Morozhnikova, Valeriya

Student Assistant

Pflug, Laura, Dr.

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation,

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Salomon, Harald, Dr.

History and Culture of modern Japan

Umetsu, Yumeko,
Dipl. Pädagogin

Adjunct Language Instructor (Japanese)

Wasserfall, Julia, M.A.

Research Associate

Gan, Xinyu

Student Assistant

Xia, Xinmeng

Student Assistant


Retired Professors


Kracht, Klaus, Prof. Dr.

Professor of Japanese Language and Culture              

Reiter, Florian C., Prof. Dr.

Professor of Premodern Chinese Culture


Former Employees


von Stülpnagel, Sievert, M.A.

Research Associate

Zeng, Lejie

Student Assistant, January 2020 to October 2021