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Sydney Noemi Stein

Sydney Noemi Stein
trans-soa (at)

Student Assistant since May 2021.

Research Interests: Social media and activism in West Papua, migration, language and identity in Oceania and Islamic societies (West Papua, Timor-Leste, Pakistan)


Past RePLITO Panel Discussion from February 21st, 2022:


Expressing merdeka - talking language, identity and (artistic) activism in West Papua's liberation

Sydney Noemi Stein and guest Ronny Kareni

The island of New Guinea is the world’s most culturally and linguistically diverse place. More than 800 languages are spoken here, yet many face extinction. In the western part of the island, ever since invasion by Indonesia in 1962, West Papuans not only face threats to their indigenous languages, but also to their freedom and human rights. Together with Papuan musician, activist and diplomat Ronny Kareni, we want to discuss matters of forced acculturation, (neo-)colonialism and artistic forms of activism in West Papua’s battle for merdeka, freedom.


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