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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of Asian and African Studies

About Us / General Information


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(Staff from left to right: Sophia May, Aleah Connley, Prof. Vincent Houben, Benjamin Baumann, Maren Wilger)



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Prof. Vincent Houben

  • Professor for Southeast Asian History and Society
  • Email: sea-history.asa (at) hu-berlin.de


Benjamin Baumann

  • Research Associate
  • Email: benjamin.baumann (at) staff.hu-berlin.de


Rosa Cordillera Castillo

  • Research Associate
  • Email: rosa.castillo (at) hu-berlin.de


Petra Sugita-Andrée

  • Secretary
  • Email: sea-history.asa (at) hu-berlin.de


Jona Pomerance

  • Student Assistant
  • Email: hiwi-soa@rz.hu-berlin.de


General Advisory Service for Students

  • General advisory service, Asian and African studies: 

   Stefan Hoffmann (BA) and Dr. phil. Melitta Waligora (MA)


Selected Podcasts and Publications

  • Symposium report of the Vietnam Summer Symposium in collaboration of the Viet Studies and the IAAW entitled "Vietnam - 40 years on". To see or download the report, please follow this link (german version only).
  • Interview with Prof. V. Houben on Future Plans and Possibities of Indonesian Studies in Australia

David T. Hill interviewed Prof. Houben in 2010 in relation to the Development of a National Strategic Plan for Indonesian in Australian Universities, Australian Learning and Teaching Council. To download the Audio File, please follow this link.

  • Publication by Benjamin Baumann on "Tamnan Krasue: Constructing a Khmer Ghost for a Thai Film"

Thailand@HU-Study Group founding member Benjamin Baumann published a teaser for his upcoming article on Phi Krasue, one of Thailand's most well known uncanny beings, in the Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia. The article is featured in the Young Academic's Voice section. Find the article here.

  • Publication by Prof. V. Houben on "The New Area Studies and Southeast Asian History"

DORISEA published a working paper written by Prof. V. Houben entitled "The New Area Studies and Southeast Asian History". The complete working paper can be accessed online here.

  • Podcast: Rede von Prof. V. Houben über Perspektiven der Südostasien-Studien

Prof. Dr. Houben reflektierte während eines Besuchs an der University of Social Sciences in Hanoi (USSH) über die Rolle der Area Studies - speziell der Südostasien-Studien - nach dem 11. September. Die Homepage der USSH berichtet nicht nur ausführlich über Prof. Dr. Houbens Beitrag, sondern stellt seine Rede auch als Podcast zur Verfügung.