Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of Asian and African Studies




2018 Seekers and Things: Spiritual Movements and Aesthetic Difference in Kinshasa, New York and Oxford: Berghahn (nominated for the Africa-Asia ICAS Bookprize 2018)


Edited volumes

2013 Klaus Bachmann, Thomas Sparrow-Botero and Peter Lambertz, When Justice meets Politics. Independence and Autonomy of Ad Hoc International Criminal Tribunals, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang publishers



2019a “The Vernacular Bureaucracy of Taxi Logistics at the Airport of Dakar”, in: Africa Today 65 (2), special issue African bus stations, edited by Sidy Cissokho and Michael Stasik.
2019b (in press) “The Cleansing Touch: Spirits, atmospheres and attouchment in a ‘Japanese’ spiritual movement in Kinshasa”, in : Hansjörg Dilger et al. (ed.), Spirit and Sentiment: Affective Trajectories of Religious Being in Urban Africa, Durham: Duke University Press.
2016 with Jean-Marie Vianney Lokengi Mputu, “« Dissiper le brouillard » : Tradition, matérialité et secret il-/légitimes dans le milieu pentecôtiste de Kisangani”, in : Hekima na Ukeweli. Revue philosophique du Philosophat Edith Stein de Kisangani, deuxième série, n°2, p. 11-31.


Book chapters

(sub-mitted) "Of Ancestors and Others: Cultural Resonance “from Japan” among Spiritualists in Kinshasa", in: Phillip Clart and Adam Jones (eds.), Transnational Religious Spaces: Religious Organizations and their Interaction in Africa, East Asia, and Beyond, New York - Berlin: Walter De Gruyter.
2016 “Spürbar vernetzt : Japanische Heilkraft und ihre materielle Verkettung in Kinshasa”, in : Deborah Gerstenberger und Joel Glasman (eds.), Techniken der Globalisierung. Globalgeschichte meets Akteur-Netzwerk-Theorie, Münster: Campus.
2016 “Gardening the Past: Ancestors, Soil and Territorial Attouchment among Spiritualists in Kinshasa”, in: Geert Castryck, Silke Strickroth und Katja Werthmann (eds.), Festschrift für Adam Jones, Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag.

“Kwame Anthony Appiah”, in: Ulf Engel and Matthias Middell (eds.), Theroretiker der Globalisierung, Leipzig : Leipziger Universitätsverlag, p. 55-70.


Book reviews

2017 Review of “Covington-Ward, Yolanda (2016), Gesture and Power. Religion, Nationalism, and Everyday Performance in Congo, Durham: Duke University Press”, in Anthropos 112: 658-660.