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List of publications Prof. Dr. Toni Huber



2020: Source of Life. Revitalisation Rites and Bon Shamans in Bhutan and the Eastern Himalayas, 2 volumes. Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences (DPH Band 518, Veröffentlichungen zur Sozialanthropologie Band 24) 640 pp. + 499 pp. ISBN 978-3-7001-8269-6

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2008: The Holy Land Reborn: Pilgrimage and the Tibetan Reinvention of Buddhist India (Chicago, The University of Chicago Press), 500 pp. ISBN-10: 0 226 35648 5; ISBN-13: 978 0 226 35648 8

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2000: The Guide To India. A Tibetan Account by Amdo Gendun Chöphel (1903-1951) (Dharamsala, Library of Tibetan Works and Archives), xi, 162 pp. ISBN 81 86470 255

1999: The Cult of Pure Crystal Mountain. Popular Pilgrimage & Visionary Landscape in Southeast Tibet (New York & Oxford, Oxford University Press), xvi, 297 pp. ISBN 0 19 512007 8

1999: (Hg.) Sacred Spaces and Powerful Places in Tibetan Culture: A Collection of Essays (Dharamsala, Library of Tibetan Works and Archives), xi, 403 pp. ISBN 81 86470 22 0



Essays, individual chapters and book reviews:

Forthcoming: “Dzaekha Game Drives for Antelope Hunting on the North-western Tibetan Plateau”, In: A. Betts and P van Pelt (eds.), The Gazelle's Dream. Game Drives of the Old and New Worlds. Sydney:University of Sydney Press, 16pp.

2019: "Dismemberment and Sharing of Game Meat by Pastoralist Hunters on the Tibetan Plateau"Études mongoles, sibériennes, centrasiatiques et tibétaines, 50, 24pp. DOI : 10.4000/emscat.3969

2018: "From Death to New Life: An 11th-12th-century cycle of existence from southernmost Tibet – Analysis of Rnel dri ’dul ba, Ste’u and Sha slungs rites, with notes on manuscript provenance", In G. Hazod and Shen Weirong (eds.), Tibetan Genealogies: Studies in Memoriam of Guge Tsering Gyalpo (1961-2015). Beijing: China Tibetology Publishing House, pp. 251-349.

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