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Global Inequality, Social Classification and Existence

Social classification is an important component of social life and partly determines social groups, perceptions, categories and opportunities. With contemporary globalization, local and national systems of social classification are transformed, as they have to react to international and transnational trends. This transformation opens up the possibility to study dynamics and mechanisms of social classification in actu. The project comprises studies in a variety of countries, mostly in the global South, in order to analyse social classification and transformations of inequality with a global horizon.

Surinder S. Jodhka (New Delhi - India), Alejandro Pelfini (Santiago de Chile - Chile), Phut Simmalavong (Vientiane - Laos), Jesse Souza (Rio - Brazil), Surichai and Chanthana Wangaeo (Bangkok - Thailand) 

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Critical Theory after the Rise of the Global South

Eurocentric critical theory and the theory of the social sciences have to be revised in the twenty-first century. The rise of the global South is a unique opportunity to critically review the assumptions made by the so-called classical theories and to develop a more appropriate theory of the social world (cf. Boike Rehbein: Critical Theory after the Rise of the Global South, Routledge 2015).