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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Kultur-, Sozial- und Bildungswissenschaftliche Fakultät - Institut für Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften


Laufende Promotionen


Javier Ardila: The Marginalized in Colombia and Germany

Hina Ayaz: Communication for Development

Andrés Bateman: Poverty, Colonialism and Eurocentric Theory

Lumin Fang: Inequality and Sociocultures in China

Chansamone Inthachak: Food Security and Vulnerability in Laos

Herrmann Königs: Sociocultures and Inequality in Vietnam

Dominique Lämmli: Contemporary Art and Globalization

Yanda Li: Tourism in Qingdao

Johanna Neumann: Zatpwe and Society in Myanmar

Tobias Reisch: Yoga und Spiritualität bei Kindern

Gabriel Saez: Inclusive Vanguardism

Adrian Scholz: Habitus and Inequality in Mexico

Reena Seegal: Gender Inequality and Work in India

Beatriz Veliz Argueta: Urbanization and Resistance in the Global South

Ernesto Villalobos: Decolonizing Public Space


Abgeschlossene Promotionen


Shankar Acharya: Sociocultural Aspects of Tourism in Nepal (2010)

Arani Basu: The Role of the Media in Electoral Politics in India (2016)

Daniel Bultmann: The Cambodian Field of Insurgency (2013)

Sok Udom Deth: Cambodia’s Foreign Policy since 1979 (2014)

Eric Anton Heuser: Friendship in Java (2010)

Michael Kinville: Inequality, Education and the Social Sciences in India and Germany (2016)

Michael Kleinod: Exploring the Eco-Tourism Frontier (2015)

Benjamin Konstanzer: Konfliktbearbeitung in Nepal (2011)

Andreas Küchle: Culture, Class and Careers among Youth in Nagaland (2016)

Anita Lama: Social Structures and Symbolic Violence in Northeast India (2018)

Karina Maldonado Mariscal: Subsystems of Social Innovation in Brazil (2017)

Ali Mehdi: A Shot of Justice (2015)

Dimitrios Methenitis: Deus ex Machina. The Challenge of the Religious Resurgence against the ‘End of History’ (2016)

Janina Myrczik: The Capitalist Spirit in the Business Elite in Gujarat (2018)

Mohammad Najjarzadeh: Cultural Globalization in Iran (2011)

Elektra Paschali: The Construction of Masculinity (2011)

Champathong Phochantilath: Gender Inequality in Laos (2018)

Angelique Ruiter, M.A.: Kundalini Yoga in Berlin: Teaching Consumerism (2017)

Kie Sanada: Symbolic Violence via Free Equality of Opportunity in Japan (2017)

Florian Schumacher: Sport und nationale Identität (2012)

Dexanurath Senedouangdeth: Special Economic Zone – Way to Development in Laos? (2014)

Emanuelle Silva dos Santos: How to be a Woman. Class and Gender in Brazil (2017)

Phut Simmalavong: Changing Rice Rituals of Laos (2009)

Rodrigue Sinna Digdabgo: Zivilgesellschaft und Sozialstrukturen in Burkina Faso (2012)

Woramon Sinsuwan: Thai Marriage Migrants in Germany (2017)

Indika Somaratne: The Role of Religion and Environmental Ethics in Climate Change (2016)

Ilka Sommer: Die Bewertung ausländischer Bildungsabschlüsse in Deutschland (2015)

Tamer Söyler: Understanding and the Rise of the Global South (2014)

Florian Stoll: Wirtschaftskulturen und globaler Kapitalismus in Brasilien (2011)

Maya Subrahmanian: Changing Perspective among the Indian Diaspora in Germany (2015)

Andrea Silva Tapia: Illegitimate Citizenship and Inequalities. The Cases of the Mapuche in Chile and Northeasterners in India (2016)

Suklaty Sysaneth: Community Participation in Flood Risk Management in Laos (2018)

Serhat Ünaldi: Working toward the Monarchy – Social Space in Bangkok (2013)

Sirima Ussawarakha: Inequality of Burmese Migrant Workers in Thailand (2015)

Siya Uthai: Globalization, Land Rights and Communities in Rural Thailand (2015)

Chingman Yip: Turkish Migration, Integration and Assimilation in Germany (2011)

Marco Zappa: Japanese Development Policy in Southeast Asia (2017)