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Binationales Promotionsprogramm in Global Studies

Universidad Del Salvador und Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


The Binational Doctoral Programme in Global Studies is devoted to contemporary issues in globalization focusing on governance, inequality and socio-ecological transformation. It is conducted jointly by the Universidad del Salvador (USAL) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU), Germany. Students spend at least one semester at each of the two institutions and are co-supervised by professors from both universities. In the end, they receive a double degree.



Students learn to approach the field of their PhD topic and globalization from the perspective of two regions and multiple disciplines. They are integrated into a group of PhD students working in the three thematic fields of the programme and into an international network of researchers working in the same thematic field. Students participate in research conducted jointly by professors from USAL and HU at each of the locations. Writing the thesis on the basis of this research is the core activity of the programme. In addition, students receive training in theory, methodology, thesis writing and current debates closely linked to their thesis topic.



PhD students form a batch and study together at the two locations. Each batch is composed of students from different countries. At the partner institution, the batch meets students who started their PhD at that location and work in the same field. Batches spend time together at each of the two institutions to exchange their views, share their work and assist each other – but also to learn together and to conduct joint research whenever appropriate.



The PhD in Global Studies qualifies for academic positions in various disciplines dealing with the field of studies, namely environment, governance and inequality. Graduates also work in international organizations, politics and media. The binational PhD opens up careers in Argentina and Germany as well as in the neighbouring countries and transnational spaces.


Scholarships and Fees

Four students per institution and batch receive a scholarship for the period studied at the partner university, i.e. between six and ten months. These scholarships are provided by the German-Argentinian University Centre (CUAA-DAHZ). No tuition fees have to be paid in addition to minor administrative fees in Germany. Some fees are applicable in Argentina.



Courses in Berlin are taught in English with the option of having courses in German, while courses in Buenos Aires are taught in Spanish. Students are required to reach the level of B2 in Spanish before going to USAL and are expected to learn German before attending HU. Courses are offered at both partner universities in the respective languages.



Social Responsibility

Students are expected to offset the emissions of their international travel and to contribute to social causes.





Berlin is the cultural and political capital of Germany. It is at once relaxed and buzzing with alternative culture. Compared with other capitals, it is very young, inexpensive, colourful and spacious. Its central university, which now carries the name of its spiritual fathers, is the birthplace of the contemporary university system. It still ranks among the top universities of Germany, especially in the humanities and social sciences, and boasts 29 Nobel laureates.

Universidad del Salvador

Buenos Aires is the cultural capital of Latin America and one of the most attractive cities in the Western hemisphere. It hosts a young and lively population and is the hub of Argentina. USAL is one of the most important universities in Argentina and has an excellent faculty of social sciences. It is located right in the heart of the capital with shops, theatres and cafés nearby





Course Hours Hours per week Duration Location
Interdependence and vulnerability in the contemporary world 45 3 One semester USAL
Social theory and globalization 45 2 One semester USAL
Methodology 30 3 One semester HU
Thesis workshop I 45 3 One semester HU/USAL
Thesis workshop II 45 3 One semester HU/USAL
Research course I 30 2 One semester HU
Research course II 30 2 One semester HU
Teaching   2 One semester HU/USAL
Thesis colloquium   2 Continuous HU/USAL
Thesis writing     Continuous HU/USAL




Double Degree PhD in Global Studies/Global and Area Studies
Programme Start 23 March in Buenos Aires/15 October in Berlin
Language of instruction English/German and Spanish
Admission requirements MA in the social sciencesVery good gradesGood English proficiencyFinding one supervisor from USAL and one from HU
Application Until 15 February of each year in Buenos Aires, until 31 July in Berlin
Costs Living costs (800-1000 Euro per month)Enrolment feesTravel costs




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