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Laufende Promotionen

Oluwatobiloba Adeleke: Intersections of Inequality in Nigeria

Javier Ardila: The Marginalized in Colombia and Germany

Andrés Bateman: Poverty, Colonialism and Eurocentric Theory

Sarah Hager: Epistemology and Aesthetics from the global South

Binita Kakati: Development as Colonialism in Northeast India

Herrmann Königs: Sociocultures and Inequality in Vietnam

Dominique Lämmli: Contemporary Art and Globalization

Yanda Li: Tourism in Qingdao

Diego Lourenço: Yoga and Inequality

Hammal Muneer: Intellectuals and Culture in Baluchistan

Johanna Neumann: Zatpwe and Society in Myanmar

Edoardo Paolinelli: Sociological Aspects of Financial Institutions. Functional Elites in Germany, Italy and Argentina

Elijah Timothy Pope: Racism in Germany and the US

Adrian Scholz: Habitus and Inequality in Mexico

Ernesto Villalobos: Decolonizing Public Space

Christopher Wimmer: Fragmentierung und Solidarität in der marginalisierten Klasse Deutschlands

Mubashira Zaidi: Women's Rights and Labour in India