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Humboldt India Project


The city of Berlin consists of numerous scholars engaging with South Asia as a region of academic interest. Research on South Asia is institutionally scattered across diverse departments. The Humboldt India Project (HIP) workshops are an innovative means for bringing together, and regularly staging, Berlin-based expertise on South Asia.

The first workshop was conducted in 2012 and each year the Department of South Asian Studies organises four such workshops. The primary objective is to provide a platform for researchers at the PhD/post-doctoral levels to present their work-in-progress on ongoing projects, or ideas for a future project, before a wider audience. The HIP workshops have also become a unique instrument to enable a productive exchange between visiting scholars from South Asia and the Berlin-based network of experts on South Asia.

There are no pre-decided themes for the Call for Papers, which makes the workshops highly diverse in terms of the topics that are presented each semester. The workshop series thus attracts researchers from disciplines as varied as history, anthropology, cultural studies, media and gender studies, Indology, political science, law and international relations, making them a highly interdisciplinary forum of exchange.

The department will continue this cyclical tradition of bringing together competence on multifarious South Asia-related topics in the coming years. HIP workshops are highly illustrative of IAAW's endeavours as an institute to promote fruitful scholarly exchange among diverse audiences.

(Source: This text is an excerpt from the report on the HIP Workshop format written by Anandita Bajpai, published in Retrospective, IAAW Newsletter, Issue #2, Feb. 2018, p.24,

In addition to the quarterly workshops, the South Asia Studies Department also hosts HIP lectures during the semester periods.

If you are interested in presenting at a workshop or giving a lecture, please write to Johannes Heymann (johannes.heymann[at]


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