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23.06. Digital Colloquium on African linguistics: Agreement targets in Mel (Schulze)

“Agreement targets in Mel – an overview” - Talk by Michael Schulze (HU Berlin, PhD project) given within the digital colloquium on African linguistics and languages
  • When Jun 23, 2020 from 04:15 to 05:45
  • Where via Zoom
  • iCal

“Agreement targets in Mel – an overview”
My dissertation project aims towards a historical-comparative reconstruction of the gender and nominal form marking systems in the Mel languages (of Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia), which possibly form a primary branch of the Niger-Congo phylum. “The determining criterion of gender is agreement” (Corbett 1991: 4), which is marked on agreement targets such as personal pronouns, demonstratives, adjectives, numerals, etc.
In this talk, my goal is to compile all agreement targets found in the Mel languages and the respective class-specific agreement exponents that are to be anaylsed in my thesis. I shall also present some first reconstructions of the personal pronouns, demonstratives, and agreement affixes for both branches of Mel (Northern Mel and Southern Mel). Finally, I hope to be able to provide some tentative conclusions about the agreement system in Proto-Mel.

Corbett, Greville G. 1991. Gender. (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.