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Memories of Central Asia

Memories of Central Asiais a series published by Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag Wiesbaden and edited by Ingeborg Baldauf.
It presents the results of research projects which have used the method of oral history. By this series Central Asia defines a region which includes the five former Soviet Central Asian Republics, Afghanistan, Mongolia and Tibet. The subjects are as multi-faceted as the recent history of the region.

List of available titles:

Dzhumashev, Askar; Günther, Olaf; Loy, Thomas (Eds.): Aral Histories
Geschichte und Erinnerung im Delta des Amudarja
2013. 138 S., 20 s/w-Abb., kart., ISBN 978-3-89500-965-5, EUR 16,90

In the course of the Aral Sea catastrophe the life of the Amu Darya delta region changed radically within just a few years. The Karakalpak and German authors of this volume deal with the people of this region, with their history and culture as well as with their experiences and strategies of dealing with the disaster and with their life in "normal" times. They approach the modern and recent history of the Amu Darya delta with the help of a moving and volatile resource of knowledge: remembrance.

Rzehak, Lutz (ed.): Die Taliban im Land der Mittagssonne.
Geschichten aus der afghanischen Provinz. Erinnerungen und Notizen von Abdurrahman Pahwal.
2004. 144 pages, 4 ill., broch., ISBN 3-89500-416-2, EUR 16,90

This book contains the German translation of a text written in Dari by the late Abdurrahman Pahwal Balochi from Nimruz/Afghanistan, with notes and an introduction. The text is the memories of Abdurrahman from the time of the taliban regime.

Loy, Thomas : Jaghnob 1970. Erinnerungen an eine Zwangsumsiedlung in der Tadschikischen SSR.
2005. 136 pages, 12 ill., broch., ISBN 3-89500-424-3, EUR 16,90

This book tells the story of the forced migration of the Yagnobs, who used to live in the Yagnob valley in Tadjikistan and were translocated to the cotton producing sorkozes of the newly district Zarafobod in nothern Tajikistan in 1970.

Baldauf, Ingeborg (ed.): Die ohne Leichentuch Begrabenen.
Political chace at the Soviet periphery, told and reminded by the Uzbek poet Shukrullo.
2005. 240 pages, broch., ISBN 3-89500-425-1