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Learning South Asian Languages

At the Seminar of South Asian Studies can two languages be studied: Hindi and Urdu

Urdu and Hindi Language Courses: Your Gateway to South Asia and Beyond

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Discover, Connect, Explore

Welcome to the languages program of South Asia at Humboldt University Berlin's Institute for Asian and African Studies. Dive deep into the rich cultural heritage of South Asian societies by learning Urdu and Hindi, and become part of a global community of learners and explorers.


Why Learn Urdu and Hindi?

With globalization and migration weaving the fabric of our interconnected world, Hindi and Urdu stand as the lingua francas of South Asia, reaching far beyond their native speakers to touch communities worldwide. Languages are not just tools of communication but bridges to understanding a rich tapestry of human experience and accessing unique repertoires of knowledges. Learning these languages will open a door to non-Eurocentric perspectives, offering a fresh lens through which to view history, politics, and culture.

These languages are your keys to unlock a treasure trove of knowledge and insights, offering a deeper appreciation of the cultures that shape South Asia. They can also form the basis for learning other languages spoken on the subcontinent. It's a journey that respects and celebrates cultural diversity, connecting you with people and stories that enrich your understanding of the world.


Course Objectives: Beyond Language Proficiency

Our courses are tailored to empower you with B1 level proficiency in a structured program over four semesters, equipping you with the skills to conduct research, navigate fieldwork, and engage with media sources in Hindi and Urdu. But that's just the beginning. As you progress, explore literature, cinema, and the arts, delving into the nuances of political rhetoric and the beauty of poetic expressions with our advanced courses series.


Engage with the World from Anywhere

Even from Germany, your connection to South Asia remains unbroken. Through media, literature, and online resources, your language skills enable you to stay in touch with your regions of interest, learn from masters of yoga and classical arts, and explore the vast landscapes of South Asian cultures. Whether you're engaging with social media discussions, enjoying films and books, or conducting interviews for your research, Hindi and Urdu keep you connected and immersed in the cultural dialogue.


A Journey of Discovery

Our courses are more than academic endeavors; they equip you with tools to explore beyond the beaten path, to engage with communities, and to experience the diversity of life across South Asia. From the bustling streets of urban centers to the serene landscapes of rural areas, language is your guide to authentic experiences and profound connections.


Embark with Us

Join us at the Institute for Asian and African Studies, Humboldt University Berlin, for a journey into the heart of South Asia. Enroll in our Urdu and Hindi language courses today and embark on a path of discovery, understanding, and global citizenship. Let these languages be your bridge to new worlds, new perspectives, and endless possibilities.


For more information and to start your adventure, please contact:

Lecturer for Urdu: Dr. Faiza

Lecturer for Hindi: Dr. Freier