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Informations for students going abroad

Students benefit from going abroad in any phase of their course of studies. Going abroad during the bachelor phase is directed at gaining a more general impression of another educational system, it provides opportunity for intercultural learning, and it trains language ability. During the master and Ph.D. phase you can still work on these issues but specific research questions and methods are now at the center of your interest.

Humboldt-Universität has many exchange places worldwide which will support your mobility by providing tuition waivers or simply access to other universities. You should know that applying for access to a university and applying for funding are two separate steps. First you should get some initial idea of the opportunities for studying abroad, doing an internship, doing research or for studying a language by stopping by the Student Service Center´s Wo/Anders Studieren unit or by browsing the following pages.

Please note that most of these informations are directed towards German students and are in more detail on our German website only.

Main subjects are:




Erasmus Mundus mobility grants for students and staff of Humboldt-Universität to non-EU Partner Universities (outgoing)
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Mobility grants from and to academic partners outside the European Union
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University Partnerships

University Partnerships
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Parliamentary Scholarships

Parliament internships abroad
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Other Scholarships

There a several options to finance your study or intership abroad
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Summer Schools

Information on Summer Schools by HU and other universities

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Partner Universities

Partner Universities in African Countries


Please note: This list does not apply for students who are registered at the Departments of Law and Medicine. Please contact your department directly.


Contact for Studies Abroad in Africa

Dr. Chanfi Ahmed
INV 118, R. 407
Tel. 030 2093-66071
Email: ahmed.chanfi (at)




Terms: September - December, January - April, May - August

Name City BA/MA Subjects Language Duration
University of Nairobi Nairobi BA/MA All English 1 or 2 Sem.



Terms: September - January, January - May

Name City BA/MA Subjects Language Duration
Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar Dakar BA/MA African Studies French 1 or 2 Sem.


South Africa

Terms: January/February - June, July - December

Name City BA/MA Subjects Language Duration
University of Capetown Capetown MA Law (LL.M) English 2 Sem.
University of Pretoria Pretoria BA/MA All English 1 or 2 Sem.
University of Stellenbosch Stellenbosch BA/MA All (mainly MA) English 1 or 2 Sem.
University of the Western Cape Bellville BA/MA All English 1 or 2 Sem.
University of KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg BA/MA Theology English 1 or 2 Sem.



Terms: October - February, March - July

Name City BA/MA Subjects Language Duration
University of Dar es Salaam Dar es Salaam BA/MA African Studies English 1 or 2 Sem.



Terms: November - March, March - August

Name City BA/MA Subjects Language Duration
Université de Lomé Lomé BA/MA All French 1 or 2 Sem.



Partner Universities in Asia


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Cultural Bridge


Cultural Bridge is a collaborative project that was conceived and developed by Dr. Vishnu Ramdeo as part of his German Chancellor Fellowship (at Humboldt-University Berlin) program in 2016.

It is based on the agreement between the Institute of Asian and African Studies and the Ramdeo College of Management and Science and provides meaningful internship opportunities to students in India in the Tier-2 cities of India, starting with the city of Pali (in the state of Rajasthan).

The Cultural Bridge Initiative provides opportunities for an easier understanding of the Indian landscape, provides guidance, networking and establishes credible contacts and partnership with institutional set-ups for students.

The project is targeted towards easier accessibility to students in doing meaningful internships on India based subjects, inclusive of language, social-sciences, environment protection, education, music, business, human rights, art and craft, medicine, sports (e.g. yoga) etc…

It is recommended to spend 4 to 12 weeks (or more) in India, preferably during the summer break. The project offers a unique experience of India based on working in smaller cities and towns and making the participants link closely with communities in India and also contribute to their projects in a sense of social exchange.

The project is vice versa also accessible for Indian students to do their internships in Germany. Herein Cultural Bridge especially supports Indian students from less privileged backgrounds to come to Germany and organizes funding possibilities and easier access to visas.

Each year, BA and MA students have the opportunity to take part in internships facilitated by Ramdeo College of Management and Science and engage in extra-curricular activities with the local population thus experiencing the Indian culture. Optional the students also get to teach German, English or other subjects at local schools, as part of imparting their own values, sensitivities and culture, thus, providing an exchange platform, which determines the true-ethos of Cultural Bridge.

The students are affiliated to institutions and are assisted by the Ramdeo College representative for any local logistical or advisory support. They are free to develop their own independent project and are also allowed to engage in local practices to understand the Indian way of working, taking-up and guiding projects. The projects focus is to develop integrated inter-cultural communication skills and is thought of as a complement to our other agreements with Indian universities.

Cultural Bridge is collaborating with institutions which are mostly located in tier-2 and tier-3 cities, where accessibility, infrastructure and credible touch points are hard to find. Also, most of these areas are difficult to find information about  on the Internet.

As big transformations are happening in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities both in terms of the society and the economic growth. Cultural Bridge thus offers a unique opportunity to experience the changes in local India‘s society and way of life.

The project is coordinated by Founder, Dr. Vishnu Ramdeo (Berlin/Rajasthan), Project Advisor, Mr. Gaurav Sharma (New Delhi) and Facilitator and Coordinator Ms. Enya Christensen (Berlin). Please direct all inquiries regarding the project to one of the enlisted Cultural Bridge members.


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