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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of Asian and African Studies


The “IAAW-Buriram_Project@HU-Berlin“ was initiated by Benjamin Baumann (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) and Naree Inram (Buriram Technical College). The MoU between the Institute of Asian and African Studies and Buriram's Technical College grew out of Benjamin’s anthropological fieldwork in Buriram province. Every summer semester break, the project offers up to four of our students who are learning Thai the chance to do an internship in Thailand. For a period of two months (from mid-July to mid-September) BA and MA students work at Buriram’s Technical College and assist Thai English teachers with their English classes, engage in extra-curricular activities, and most importantly experience local Thai culture. The students live as a group in their own house on the College campus and will develop their own teaching projects prior to their departure. The project aims at enhancing our students' Thai and inter-cultural communication skills and is thought of as a complement to our other MoUs with Thai universities.

Until recently, Buriram, located in Thailand’s lower Northeast, was one of the nation’s poorest and least developed provinces and thus remains rather rural in its outlook. However, one should not be misled by this rural image and keep in mind that societal transformations are ocurring here at an accelerated pace. The project thus offers a unique opportunity to experience local Thai culture and society beyond touristic tracks. The project is coordinated by Benjamin Baumann and Martin Schalbruch in Berlin and Naree Inram in Buriram. Please direct all inquiries regarding the project to one of the German coordinators. 


Naree Inram and Benjamin Baumann explain the program to the students of Buriram's Technical College (June 2014)

Group picture with Martin Schalbruch after signing the MoU (September 2014)


The first batch of German students (August - October 2014)

Teaching Experiences

Experiencing local culture

Having fun



The second batch of German students (July - September 2015)

Teaching English at Buriram's Technical College while practicing Thai

Enjoying Isan food during lunch break with Ajarn Naree (Max's second time in the program)

'Dinner party' at Ajarn Naree's house