Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of Asian and African Studies

Contributions in Anthologies



1.   Intersecting Dynamics: Representational Activism and New Mobilities among “Muslim Women” in India.

In: Huma Ahmed-Ghosh (ed.) Contesting Feminisms. Gender and Islam in Asia. State University of New York Press, New York 2015 , pp. 135-158.



2.   Islam und Gender in Indien. Perspektiven der Geschlechtergerechtigkeit in der Minderheitensituation.

In: Susanne Schröter (ed.). Geschlechtergerechtigkeit durch Demokratisierung? Transformationen und Restaurationen von Genderverhältnissen in der islamischen Welt. Transcript, Bielefeld 2013, S. 297-318.


3.   The medialisation of post-colonial Indian Society: National and transnational dynamics.

In: Corinna Unger/Andreas Hilger (eds.). India in the World since 1947: National and Transnational Perspectives (1947-1991), Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main 2012, pp. 236-258.


4.   Introduction.

Schneider, Nadja-Christina/Gräf, Bettina. In: Dies. (eds.) Social Dynamics 2.0: Researching Change in Times of Media Convergence. Case Studies from the Middle East and Asia. Reihe: Internationale und interkulturelle Kommunikation Frank & Timme, Berlin 2011, pp. 9-26.


5.   Media culture, advertising and consumerism in India.

In: Klaus Voll/Doreen Beierlein (eds.): Rising India - Europe's Partner? Berlin 2006, pp. 819-833.