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22. Mai: States of Partition: A Talk by Ravi Vasudevan

  • Wann 22.05.2017 von 18:00 bis 20:00
  • Wo Invalidenstraße 118, Raum 315
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States of partition.jpgStates of Partition

The archive of cinema has been used in the past to explore the imprint of the Partition of colonial South Asia in a variety of ways. Most commonly, this includes the analysis of post-Partition fiction film and film music for direct and metaphoric allusions to the experience of violent displacement and relocation. It has also been drawn on to complement research that has considered the way divisions were imagined, feared, and prepared for in the years before the Partition. This presentation takes these coordinates, a before and after as it were, to explore the film archive for such intimations of division, including how Partition might be navigated, managed and contained, and how the new Indian state was imagined. This is a preliminary attempt to draw on documentary and newsreel film from the early 1940s through to the period after Independence and Partition, and will include consideration of the way such material was drawn on by fictional works.