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Reworking Space, Re-Narrating Belonging Workshop About



Transregional Perspectives on Contemporary Media, Gender and Visibility Practices





The workshop explores new modes in the production and negotiation of space and belonging by emerging transregional actors. Performances of space and spatialised identities through diverse intertwined mediated practices inform contested notions of such concepts as belonging, ethnicity or gender. Emerging transregional media networks, for example, challenge national or regionally spatialised divisions, while everyday public protest practices of young women* subvert gendered regimes of mobility and visibility. In other examples, digital media practices reframe and re-narrate place and identities, thus deterritorialising and destabilising a binary gaze on violently disputed areas through audiovisual and artistic creations as divergent as documentary testimonials and parodic music videos. The workshop highlights the concurrent erosion and reconsolidation of spatial demarcations and critically questions its inclusive and exclusive potentials.


The workshop facilitates an active exchange of new theoretical concepts and methodological approaches required in the conceptualisation of the complex and multidimensional performances of spatial appropriation, production and reinterpretation.


The event seeks to promote a dynamic, dialogic and multi-perspective exchange which is mirrored in the transregional and transdisciplinary scope of the programme. It invites PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows to conjointly discuss and shape their projects and encourages sustained networking amongst young academics. The inclusion of emerging research fields in transdisciplinary teaching is of particular interest.