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Andrea Silva, M.A.

Andrea Silva M.A.
Doctoral  candidate


Curriculum Vitae

Andrea Silva majored in Sociology at Alberto Hurtado University in Santiago de Chile. Throughout her studies citizenship, democracy, mass media, public policy and sociological theory represented her major fields of interest.

Her M.A. thesis “Hıstorical Narratives ın the Mass Media and Radical Democracy.  A Post-Structural Reading of  the Modern Public Space”  “Narración histórica mediática y democracia radical. Una lectura postestructuralista del espacio público moderno” was evaluated with the best mark (7.0/7.0) in 2006.

She worked at OSUAH Research Center at Alberto Hurtado University between 2006 and 2008, where she was responsible for research projects such as “Guaranteed Rights and Theır Expression in Public Policy", developed by OSUAH for the General Presidency Secretariat of the Chilean government; “Diagnosıng the Reality of Working Women with Technical Professional Qualifications in Chile” developed by OSUAH for the National Service for Woman of the Chilean government; and  "Study and Guide to Credit Information, Allowances and Other Public and Private Benefits, Aimed at People From Rural Areas in Chile" developed by OSUAH for the Ministry of National Assets of the Chilean Government.

Research Interests

  • Politics and democracy
  • Citizenship studies
  • Mass media and cultural studies
  • Globalization
  • Public Policy
  • Sociological theory


2008: Teaching assignments at the 'School of Sociology', Alberto Hurtado University, “Seminar on Jaqcues Derrida”, (together with sociologist Rommy Morales).


2006. “La Subjetividad como Potencial democratizador: Un Análisis de la Esfera pública desde la Teoría de la Acción Comunicativa” (“The Subjectivity as Democratizing Potential: An Analysis of the Public Sphere From the Perspective of the Communicative Action Theory”) together with Rommy Morales.  Published in Revista de Ciências Sociais Unisinos. Nº 42 vol. 04. “Democracia e Participação" (Social Science Unisinos journal “Democracy and participation” Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Unisinos). Brazil.

2005. “Vivencia de los Cambios y Esfera Pública en Chile: La Subjetividad en la Política Deliberativa” (“Changes in vivencie and public sphere in Chile: The subjectivity in the deliberative politics”) together with Rommy Morales. Published in Persona y Sociedad, a social science journal from the Universidad Alberto Hurtado. Volumen IX, Número 3. Diciembre 2005 Observaciones Sociológicas de Chile en el Siglo XXI: Continuidades y Rupturas. (“Sociological Observations of Chile in the 21st Century: Continuities and ruptures”)

Dissertation Project

What does Citizenship Mean in a Global and Multicultural World? A Comparative Analysis on Chilean, German and Indian Citizenship.