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Archive of Middle Asia

The Central Asian Seminar is keeping an Archive of Middle Asia. The Archive contains a unique collection from outside the CIS of primary and secondary literature about Middle Asia in the early 20th century, periodical and grey literature from Russia, the former Soviet Republics and Afghanistan as well as documentary material in picture and sound.

The Archive is open any time to students by appointment. Visiting academics are also welcome, but it is expected that they will contribute their own material, in original or copy form, to the archive.

The Archive was set up in 1995 by the Humboldt-University. But the further development is only possible from outside financial support.
For this purpose an account for donations is set up:

Berliner Bank AG
BLZ 100 200 00
Kto. 438 8888 700
Key word: "5330-7181 Aufbau des Mittelasien-Archivs"

Donations are tax deductible. Especially welcome are donations in the form of texts, sound and visual materials, etc.

Further information is available from the secretary.