Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Central Asian Seminar

Zaxi Huadan

Zaxi Huadan
rghuadan (at)

Office hours: Thursdays, 9 - 10 am

Fields of teaching and research:

  • Language teaching for modern Tibetan / Amdo dialect
  • Developing teaching material
  • Translations from Tibetan

Current research projects:

  • Modern Amdo-Tibetan colloquial language
  • Folk culture of Tibetan cummunities in today's Eastern Tibet (Amdo)
Huadan Zhaxi

Curriculum Vitae

  • BA in Tibetan Studies, Northwest Nationalities Institute, Lanzhou, Provinz Gansu , VR China
  • Since 1992 working as editor, translator and correspondent for the daily paper "Qinghai Daily", as well as active for different projects (amongst others the World Bank, Bridge Fond, the organization "Doctors without Borders", EU). Further working as translator, language teacher, advisor, project coordinator and assistant.

Selected publications:

'Gyur med rgya mtsho, Dpal ldan bkra shis (Huadan Zhaxi), Allie Thomas and Kevin Stuart. English Teaching Material: Tibetan-English Folktales. 2001. Xining.

Allie Thomas and Kevin Stuart, English editors; Dpal ldan bkra shis (Huadan Zhaxi), Tibetan editor. 2000. Tibetan-English Folktales. Xining, Qinghai Meterological Station

Press. Dpal ldan bkra shis (Huadan Zhaxi), principal editor; Kevin Stuart, Dorji Zhaxi; Kelsang Norbu; and Sandra Benson. Tibetan-English Dictionary. 2000. Lanzhou, Gansu

Nationalities Press. Sandra Benson and Karl Peet, authors; Dorji-Jaxi, Dpal ldan bkra shis (Huadan Zhaxi), Gencho-Gailei, and Rigzhol, translators; Kevin Stuart, English editor. 2000. Elementary

English In Tibetan. Xining, Qinghai Youth Press. Kelsang Norbu, Karl Peet, Dpal ldan bkra shis (Huadan Zhaxi), and Kevin Stuart. 1999. Modern Oral A mdo Tibetan: A Language Primer. Lewiston, Edwin Mellen.

Kun mchog dge legs, Dpal ldan bkra shis (Huadan Zhaxi), and Kevin Stuart. 1999. "Tibetan Tricksters." Asian Folklore Studies 58: 5-30.

Dpal ldan bkra shis (Huadan Zhaxi) and Kevin Stuart. "Dancing With Mountain Gods: A Qinghai Tibetan Harvest Ritual." 1999. China Northwest Airlines Inflight Magazine 6:49, 39.