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Dr. Chuan Yean Soon

Dr. Chuan Yean Soon

Post Doc

Ph.D. (National University of Singapore)

                M.A. (Uppsala University, Sweden)

                B.A. (Universiti Sains Malaysia)


Mail:        chuanyeans [et] 
Phone:     +604 6533345

Location: Invalidenstr. 118, Room 115  /
                School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia,
                11800 Penang, Malaysia


Curriculum Vitae

Chuan Yean Soon was trained as a political scientist for his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree. In his Doctorate degree, he was exposed to area studies at the Southeast Asian Studies Programme, which provided him a multilayered and multidisciplinary lens of viewing politics. He is currently teaching Southeast Asian Politics, Politics and Regionalism in ASEAN at USM. He wrote his PhD dissertation on local politics in the Philippines and currently focusing his works on the relationship between religion and (local) politics in a village in the Philippines. In addition to that he is also working on Malaysian cultural politics in particular exploring the role of arts as another terrain of politics in Malaysia.



i.) 2011. Visual Essay. “A cartoonist’s resistance.” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 12:3, 420 - 29


ii.) 2011. “The contest for moral politics: interrogating the cultural politics of Malaysian cultural groups.” Kajian Malaysia 29, Supplement 1 (Special Issue) [In Press]


iii.) 2008. “Politics from below: Culture, Religion and Popular Politics in Tanauan City, Batangas.” Philippine Studies 56:4, 413 - 42