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The research and teaching area Gender and Media Studies for the South Asian Region emerged from the cross-sectional area of mediality and intermediality Asia/Africa (10/2009-02/2017) on March 01, 2017. 
With the nomination of Prof. Nadja-Christina Schneider to the W-2 Professorship Gender and Media Studies for the South Asian Region (limited until the end of February 2024), the area studies & media perspective, which has been established since October 2009 through the cross-sectional area of mediality and intermediality, is now geographically more closely linked to the South Asian region. It also includes the gender perspective, which is equally important for the research and teaching context of the IAAW.

The region of South Asia is currently undergoing a phase of rapid social change, which is being renegotiated, particularly in the relationship between the sexes. These social changes are in turn closely interwoven with the accelerated media development resulting from economic liberalization since the mid-1980s. For example, advancing digitization has created or made visible entirely new fields of social negotiation, and here, too, the question of gender dynamics and the scope for action of individual or collective actors plays a key role.

The gender perspective is therefore of central importance both for the subdiscipline of South Asian Media Studies and for the field of research on social change in the region. The rare combination of gender and media studies related to South Asia, which is unique in the German-speaking world, means that this area fits perfectly into the dynamic research and teaching environment at the Institute for Asian and African Studies.


More information about the GAMS team and ongoing research projects (both on South Asia and transregional):