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Arani Basu

Arani Basu
aranibasu.b (at)

Academic Qualifications 


Presently pursuing doctoral studies at Institute for Asian and African Studies at Humboldt University, Berlin

Completed M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication (2009)

Completed B.A. in Sociology (2007)

Research Interest


Media and Society

Sociology of Media

Electoral Politics

Democracy and Governance

Qualitative Research

Major Publications


“History of Media in Bengal: A Chronological Overview”, in international peer reviewed journal Transcience: A Journal of Global Studies, Vol. 4, issue No. 1, 2013 (ISSN NO. 2191-1150)  

“Political Bias of the Media in Bengal: A Sociological Perspective”, in Mainstream Weekly, Vol. LI. No. 13, March, 16, 2013 Issue  (ISSN NO. 0542-1462)

“Social Democrats Face a Tough Task in the Federal Election”, in Mainstream Weekly, Vol. LI. No. 40, September, 21, 2013 Issue (ISSN NO. 0542-1462)

“Merkel Short of Absolute Majority Reaches out to Leftist Rivals”, Mainstream Weekly, Vol. LI. NO. 43, October, 12, 2013 Issue (ISSN NO. 0542-1462)


Paper Presentations

July 3-5, 2014: Presented paper titled ‘Media Campaign, Voting Decision of the Electorate, and Change of Long Political Regime: A Comparative Study between Landtag Elections 2008 in Bavaria, Germany and Assembly Elections 2011, in Bengal, India’ at 5th ECPR Graduate Student Conference in Innsbruck

May, 28, 2014: Presented paper titled “Historical Evolution of Media in Bavaria and West Bengal: A Comparative Analysis” at University of Siegen  

February, 8, 2014: Presented paper titled “Role of Media during Long Political Regime: A Comparative Study between Assembly Election, 2011 in West Bengal, India and Landtag Election, 2008 in Bavaria, Germany” at Fifth Dusseldorf Graduate Conference, University of Dusseldorf  

Dissertation Project

Role of Media and Governance in Electoral Politics in Global South: A Study of General
Elections 2014 in India; to estimate media-politics-society inter-relation through analysis of mediated buzzwords.

Journalistic Experiences

Worked as a reporter in the political beat in couple of national level media houses in India between 2007 and 2012.