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SOA - Colloquium (Presentation by Dr. Helen Ting)

  • Wann 06.06.2012 von 18:00 bis 20:00
  • Wo Humboldt University, Institute for Asian and African Studies, Invalidenstraße 118, 10115 Berlin R. 117
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Presentation by Dr. Helen Ting, Institute for International and Malaysian
Studies (IKMAS), Malaysia


Common political roots going separate ways: exploring identity and agency

in the life stories of Shamsiah Fakeh and Aishah Ghani

This presentation compares the political involvement of Shamsiah Fakeh
(1924-2008) and Aishah Ghani (1923- ). Both were politically initiated in the
Malay Nationalist Party, but Shamsiah subsequently joined the Malayan Communist
Party while Aishah became a women's wing leader of the United Malay National
Organisation. The analysis will look at the different ways Shamsiah and Aishah
juggled the issues of nationalism, ethnic and gender relations in their
respective lives. It will conclude by exploring how studying life stories may
help us gain a better knowledge of the interaction of historical process and
human agency. This study is part of a larger book project on women nationalists
in Southeast Asia that is currently being revised for publication.