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Muhammad Ali Dinakhel

Muhammad Ali Dinakhel

Analysis of Pashto Recordings of WWI Prisoners of War


As part of the 26th HIP workshop on July 15, 2022, guest scientist Dr. Muhammad Ali Dinakhel (Area Studies Center (Russia, China & Central Asia), University of Peshawar) presented his research project.
Many Pashtun soldiers deserted the British army during the First World War from various theatres of war in Europe. Some of them joined the Turco-German Mission to Afghanistan and started recruiting deserters in the border area. Few of them were made prisoners of war in Germany. There are some Pashto recordings of Pashtun prisoners of war, in the collection of the recordings of the First World War (WWI). I explore and contextualise the literary, linguistic and cultural aspects of these Pashto recordings.
Past projects from the years:

2019: "An Analysis of Literary, Linguistic, Cultural and Religious Aspects  of Pashto Manuscripts in the State Library Berlin"

2016: "Cultural and Civilizational Study of the Pashto Literature of Swat”


Area of research interests


Languages, literature, linguistics, culture, folklore, history, anthropology of Pakistan, Afghanistan & Central Asia