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Elektra Paschali, M.A.

Elektra Paschali M.A.
Doctoral Candidate

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Curriculum Vitae

  • Elektra Paschali has completed her Diploma studies in German Language and Literature at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and Political Science and History at Panteion University in Athens. After graduation, she has joined the Master’s Programme ‘Global Studies’ in 2006, through which she had the opportunity to study in Albert-Ludwigs- Universität in Freiburg – Germany, University of Kwazulu Natal in Durban – South Africa and Jawarhal Nehru University in New Delhi – India.

  • After completing the Global Studies M.A programme and being nominated with a Master of Arts in Social Sciences in 2008, she started working on her PhD at the Institute for Sociology in University of Freiburg and has been holding a scholarship from the Graduate International Academy (IGA) of Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.

  • The strong interdisciplinary orientation of her studies and the numerous significant theorists (Boike Rehbein, Ari Sitas, G. Mare, Anand Kumar, V. Sujatha) she has studied with have had and still have a great influence on her way of thinking and have engaged her in various theoretical fields. Moreover, she was enabled to combine her interests on gender issues, politics and globalization. In her dissertation she is working on masculinity constructions within political youth organizations in Greece.  

  • Since 2008 Elektra Paschali has been holding a fellowship with InterGender: Swedish-International Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, where she regularly has the chance to meet and study with important personalities in the field of Gender Studies (Nina Lykke, Jeff Hearn, Ulf Mellström, Naomi Scheman).

  • Since 2009 she has been affiliated with the Institute for Asia and Africa Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin, where her supervisor Boike Rehbein holds a Professorship on Transformation and Society (Transformationsgesellschaften in Asien/Afrika).

  • During her studies she has worked on various international research projects in cooperation with the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam (New Politics Research Project) and Nikos Poulantzas Institute in Athens (Eurotopia Project).

  • Paschali is a member of the National Sociological Association of Greece and of the Board of Editors of Transcience, a journal of global studies (       

  • Parallel to her studies, Elektra has gathered experience in journalism as a radio journalist and moderator at Radio Dreyeckland (Freiburg) and Funkhaus Europa (rbb-Berlin).


  • Right after the completion of her PhD (due to September 2011) she would like to continue working on gender issues, politics and theories which concern social change and to keep an interdisciplinary orientation and critical stance. Furthermore, she would like to engage in theories and discourses that go beyond mainstream and Eurocentric approaches.  

  • Finally, she is looking forward to putting her theoretical studies to practice by continuing to be active in politics and journalism.


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