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Joint M.A. Programs

The Institute for South Asian Studies is partner of the following Master Programs:

MA Global History

Today’s interconnected world is not a new phenomenon, but looks back to a long history of exchange and interaction. The history of migration and trade, of empires and nation-states, of religion and the environment, of ideas, of communication and war have all contributed to linking different parts of the world, albeit unevenly.

The MA program Global History is dedicated to exploring the various trajectories of cross-border entanglements across the globe. Unlike programs that treat global history as an extension of imperial or economic history, our approach emphasizes the entanglements between specific regions and global structures. By focusing on comparisons, connections, and processes of global integration, the program helps students to understand the forces that have continuously shaped and restructured the world.


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MA Global Studies

Students learn to approach the world and globalization from various regional perspectives and disciplines. The program focuses on multicentric social theory and politics. The multicultural experience  is enhanced by the multicultural composition of the group of students. Each group comprises students from all parts of the world.


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