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Transregional Southeast Asian Studies

The subject field of Transregional Southeast Asian Studies (TranSEAS) addresses the wide variety of social, political, cultural, ontological, epistemic, emotional and economic relations that stretch beyond the regionals borders of Southeast Asia. Particular attention is given to trans- and pluri-local connectivities. As for example between Southeast Asia and the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) or between East, South and Southeast Asia. Political developments and orders, social challenges, gender relations, religious and social movements are among the central topics of our work. The subject field identifies itself as a representative of New Area Studies in the sense of a consistent understanding of Europe and the West as one area among many and reconfigures the concept of "area". Our studies use local analytical and approaches and concepts; we apply a critical perspective on hegemonic knowledge production.


Transregional Southeast Asian Studies – Fields of Expertise


Fig.: Keerati Sahib