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photo of Lohia with his associates, 1967Ram Manohar Lohia (23 March 1910 - 12 October 1967) was one of the Indians most famous freedom fighters. Both before independence and in free India he went to prison several times for the sake of the people. A man of rare scholarship and independent thought he toiled to create a society, which would ensure justice to the poor, the backward and women.

photo of old Lohia talkingLohia was born in 1910. His father, Heeralal, was a merchant in Faizabad,in Uttar Pradesh. He was a devoted follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Ram Manohar saw Gandhi for the first time when he was only nine years old. The Indian National Congress held its plenary session in 1923 at Gaya in Bihar. Little Lohia was a Congress volunteer there.