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Thailand am Scheideweg / Thailand at the Crossroads

Workshop held at the Department of Southeast Asian Studies,
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, 08. July 2010

Moderator: Benjamin Baumann (research associate/doctoral candidate, HU Berlin)


Serhat Ünaldi
(doctoral candidate, HU Berlin)
Bangkok Burning: Impressions and reflections on the recent red shirts demonstrations
Even though recent events in Thailand were broadly covered in realtime by traditional and new media as well as academic blogs and comments, a few observations based on empirical research on the ground might contribute to a better understanding and a reconstruction of the complexities behind popular media images and theoretical considerations.

Prof. (emer.) Barend Jan Terwiel (Thai Studies, Universität Hamburg)
The role of charisma in Thai politics since 1932:
Within the scope of this presentations the dictator Sarit Thanarat shall be introduced first in order to compare his political approach with the approach of Thaksin. Despite great differences, a comparison draws attention to the fact that a distaste can still be discerned among a large proportion of the Southeast Asian public for the democratic game which is, in their view, often dishonourable and time-consuming

Prof. Boike Rehbein (Society/Transformation in Asia/Africa - HU Berlin)
Thailand's sociocultures and the current crisis:
The presentation traces the development of Thai social structures that are still remaining as sociocultures beneath the surface of a society stratified by democracy and capitalism.

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Serhat Uenaldi M.A. (incl. Q&As)

Prof. Barend Jan Terwiel

Prof. Boike Rehbein (incl. Q&As to Prof. Terwiel's presentation)