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Women's Pathways to Professionalization in Muslim Asia: Reconfiguring Religious Knowledge, Gender, and Connectivity


This project addresses the contemporary religion-profession nexus in Asia’s Muslim societies from the vantage point of vocational professionalization through religious knowledge. While empirically obvious, theoretical and conceptual clarity pertaining to this nexus is lacking. The project intends to bring forward exactly this. It links empirical observations of applied religious knowledge and the conceptualization of professionalization, examined through case studies from Southeast and Central Asia. The lens it looks through is intentionally gender-sensitive, exploring how Muslim women in Asia actively and creatively participate in the production and dissemination of religious knowledge and the formation of new knowledge societies through participation in social activism and the global economy on multiple scales.


Funded research period: 36 months


The project is funded by DEUTSCHE FORSCHUNGSGEMEINSCHAFT (DFG) and is part of the SHAPING ASIA network.



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Recent Events

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Popular Cult of Muslim Saints in Northern India - Public Lecture by Gleb Stukalin
- Transregional Studies Day


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