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Views of the Dark Valley. Japanese Cinema and the Culture of Nationalism, 1937-1945

Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag 2011. VIII, 474 S. (Izumi 12). Euro 68,-.



1. Introduction

The Dark Valley
Research on Wartime Japanese Cinema
Culture and Society
The Culture of Nationalism
Aims and Approaches
Notes on Style


2. Cinema, State, and Audiences, 1900–1937

The Emergence of Film Business
Urban Popular Entertainment
Economic Competition


3. Film Policy for the Nation, 1931–1939

Redefining Film as a National Issue
Novel Policies and Administrative Measures
The Film Law
Impacts on Motion Picture Business


4. Towards a New Structure, 1940-1942

Cinema and the Protraction of War
Control Measures
New Structure Thought
Reorganization of Film Business


5. Cinema and the Decisive War, 1942–1945

Commemorating Early Victories
Preparing for Decisive War
Raising Spirits at the Home Front


6. Governmental Film Promotion, 1939–1945

The Ministry of Education and Film Recommendation
The Cabinet Information Bureau and Films for the Nation


7. Awarded Feature Films and the Culture of Nationalism

State Awarded Projects
Promoted Cultural Resources
The Family State
Sincerity and Sacrifice
National Traditions
War and Enemy


8. The Dark Valley Revisited: Conclusions

State Awarded Feature Films

Films, Sources, and Literature

Notes on Sources


Unpublished Sources

Published Sources


Sources of Figures