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Angelique Ruiter, M.A.

Angelique Ruiter M.A.

Doctoral  candidate






Curriculum Vitae


  • Currently: PhD student in Sociology at the Humboldt University, Berlin. Research for the PhD focuses on social movements and cultural resonance.
  • MA European Studies (2007)
  • MA English Language- and Literature (2007)

Non Academic:

  • After her studies Angelique has held positions as (among others) policy advisor and senior market researcher in both the profit and non-profit sector. Next to this she actively took part in the LGBT-movement, which inspired her to go back to university and do research into social movements.


Research Interests

  • Social Movements
  • Globalization
  • Global inequality
  • Social change
  • Culture (understood as a dimension penetrating the whole of social life, so including gender, politics, religion, economy etc. )
  • Engaged spirituality



Dissertation Project

My dissertation project focuses on Ecovillages and how they use framing strategies and cultural resonance in order to achieve their goals. I will be comparing three Ecovillages of different sizes.