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Professional Journals


Portals and Websites

  • Africa Past and Present - Podcast on studies within African Studies
  • Animated Atlas of African history 1879 - 2002 - A time lapse of African history over the last 140 years
  • Clio Online - Professional platform for the historical sciences
  • Colonial Film - Moving Images of the British Empire - This website contains detailed information on over 6000 movies showing pictures of life in the British colonies 
  • H/Soz/Kult - Online platform on historical research with a special forum on non-European history, global history and history of world religions
  • Images du Passé en Afrique de l'Ouest - Overview about West African history in pictures
  • Maghrib Past & Present - Podcasts - Podcasts where artists, writers and scholars from North Africa, the United States and beyond can present their ongoing and innovative research and cultural activities in the Maghreb. The podcasts cover a wide range of topics concerning North Africa, the Mediterranean, the Sahel of Africa and the Middle East, including anthropology, archaeology, geography, history, linguistics, literature, political science, sociology and urban sociology. The use of content for educational purposes and on other non-profit educational websites is permitted with proper citation. Each podcast will include a short biography of the scholar or artist and a reading list of key works related to the specific topic of the lecture. Many lectures are in English, but are also recorded in Arabic, French, Spanish and Tamazight - living and used languages in North Africa.

  • NEH Summer Institute for School - Website about the history of Colombian exchange, intended for university teachers, suitable for university students

  • Perry Castaneda Library Map Colection - Map collection covering all regions around the globe

  • Stanford Libraries - Digital Ressources 
  • Verba Africana - Digital material on African languages and oral history

  • WHKMLA Historical Atlas - Historical maps of the African continent