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Hamburg – India: An Entangled History

Exhibition in Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

People, commodities, scientific objects, and ideas have been traveling back and forth between the port city of Hamburg and India with increasing frequency for many centuries. But little is known about the nature of these exchanges or the imaginations, aspirations and interests of the historical actors shaping them. On the occasion of the Historikertag 2016, the exhibition presents traces of the entanglement between the Hanseatic City and the Indian Subcontinent. Based on findings from the Hamburg archives and scientific collections, it provides a fascinating insight into these economic, intellectual, political and migrational connections, and indicates promising fields of research.


Hamburg – India: An Entangled History. Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. 5th – 30th September 2016



Das moderne Indien in deutschen Archiven 1706-1989 (MIDA)



Handelskammer Hamburg




Stiftung Hanseatisches Wirtschaftsarchiv


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