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Gastwissenschaftler Maj. Gen. (retd.) Shaukat Iqbal

Maj. Gen. (retd.) Shaukat Iqbal ist von Mai bis Juni 2015 Gast am Seminar für Südasien-Studien und hält die Vorlesungsreihe: The Tribal Areas of Pakistan and their Role in the Political Situation in the Region.

Maj. Gen. (retd.) Shaukat Iqbal has served in Pakistan Army for 40 Years.

Has experience of fighting War on Terrorism and serving in Kashmir. He has also commanded Division of Nuclear Forces. He is a graduate of Pakistan Staff College, National Defence College and German Fuerungsakademie Hamburg. He was declared as best officer in German Staff College and was awarded Clausewitz Honor and Shorn Horst Prize.

In civil education he is Masters in Strategic Studies, Masters in International Affairs, Masters in Military Sciences and presently a student of PhD in International Affairs. He Served in  diplomatic mission in Germany, Austria, Poland for a long time and has the distinction of travelling to more than 50 countries. He also served in Saudi Arabia and China on military missions for long time. He participated in many workshops and security seminars of West Europe, East Europe, Middle East and Far East.

He is author of two books:

1. The New Great Game and Security Challenges for Pakistan and

2. Turmoil in Muslim World – A moment of soul searching