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Daria Frolova

Daria Frolova
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Daria Frolova started learning and teaching Hindi in 2018, putting the Learning by Teaching method into practice.  In the first phase of her teaching, her own knowledge of Hindi was basic; over time, the language level increased, allowing her to design lessons based on authentic materials and focus on developing learners' conversational skills. The focus of her teaching is on the Lexical and Communicative Approach.


Since 2021, Daria has been studying for a BA in "Regional Studies Asia/Africa" at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


In 2022, her book for Hindi learners in Russia was published. The book consists of 65 jokes in Hindi with the lexical-grammatical commentary and notes on Indian culture, without which understanding the jokes would be difficult. The book is a good example of the fact that knowledge of grammar and vocabulary does not always reveal the true meaning of sentences and situations and that learning a foreign language should be closely connected to the culture and life of the people who have spoken the language since childhood.



In the summer semester of 2023, Daria will be an assistant lecturer in the Hindi courses at HU.