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Dr. Faiza Muhammad Din

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Dr. Faiza Muhammad Din
research assistant
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Since October 2023, I've been offering Urdu language courses, ranging from beginner to advanced Urdu/Hindi literature. My teaching method simulates natural language acquisition through diverse activities like role-plays, dialogues, songs, films, and dramas. This immersive approach is designed to steadily enhance your proficiency, guiding you towards fluency in Urdu and Hindi.

Currently, I'm working as a Post-doctoral researcher on the project titled "Women's Pathways to Professionalization in Muslim Asia: Reconfiguring Religious Knowledge, Gender, and Connectivity." This project explores how Muslim women in Asia integrate their religious knowledge into their careers. It's distinctive for its collaboration across Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Central Asia, highlighting our institute's commitment to teamwork.

My current research interests are Muslim women studies, language and gender, Islamic eco-theology, Social media networking paterns, the intersection of religion and consumer identities, Islamic lifestyles in South and Southeast Asia.