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Urdu / اردو


Lecturer: Faiza Muhammad Din


Urdu / اردو


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South Asian studies offers an immersive Urdu language program designed to open doors to the profound literary, cultural, and historical landscapes of South Asia. Urdu, a language of beauty and subtlety, is not just a means of communication but a gateway to understanding complex cultural nuances, historical depth, and contemporary issues within South Asian societies. With Hindi being the second most spoken language globally and a primary language for over half a billion people, and Urdu serving as a lingua franca in Pakistan and possessing significant numbers of speakers in India, knowledge of these mutually intelligible languages offers a comprehensive understanding of South Asia's diverse cultural landscape.

Our course sequence, Urdu 1-4, is meticulously structured to cater to learners at various levels of proficiency. Whether you are a beginner eager to learn a new language or someone with a background in Urdu seeking to deepen your understanding, our program is tailored to meet your needs.

-  Urdu 1-2:  Introduction to Urdu script, basic grammar, vocabulary, and essential conversational skills. Emphasis on both spoken and written forms to build a solid foundation in the language.

-  Urdu 3-4:  Intermediate-level studies focusing on enhancing language skills through advanced grammar, expanded vocabulary, and increased cultural exposure. Students engage with diverse media, including poetry, short stories, and films, to develop a nuanced understanding of the language and its cultural context.


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Media and Literature Courses

Upon completing Urdu 4, students are invited to join their peers in advanced Hindi courses, facilitating a unique integration that enriches the learning experience. This series of advanced media and literature courses, spanning three semesters, offers students the opportunity to explore the convergences and divergences between Hindi and Urdu. These courses are designed to:




- Deepen linguistic proficiency through advanced studies in both languages.

- Explore the rich literary traditions, contemporary media, and dynamic cultural productions of South Asia.

- Enhance understanding of the socio-political and historical contexts shaping South Asian narratives.

Join us in exploring the beauty and depth of Urdu. Discover the language that poetry breathes, history venerates, and cultures celebrate. Enroll in our Urdu program today and begin your journey towards linguistic mastery and cultural enlightenment.



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Assigned Moduls

BA Regionalstudien Asien/Afrika: Modul 5-8 (Sprachmodul I – IV), Modul 15 (Sprachpraxis), Modul 16 (Ergänzende Sprachlehre), Modul 17 (Freie Wahl im Fach), ÜWP

MA Asien/Afrikastudien: Modul 3-7 (Sprache I – V), ÜWP

Guest students can also, depending on the capacity, participate – please contact the lecturer before the begin of the course.